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Reason #100:
He's my best friend & my boyfriend at the same time . :D

Reason #99:
He respects me and I respect him also . :)

Reason #98:
He's freakin' sexy !

Reason #97:
He's the guy I've been praying to find my whole life . ♥

Reason #96:
He always tells me the cutest things :D

Reason #95:
He always leaves me the cutest texts at night (and I always end up waking up to them ♥) :D

Reason #94:
He's never given up on me; even with everything we've been through .

Reason #93:
He holds the key to my heart ♥

Reason #92:
He finishes my sentences and somehow knows what I was going to say :)

Reason #91:
He cares about me .♥

Reason #90:
He is my strength and my weakness .♥

Reason #89:
He is my soul mate ♥

Reason #88:
I feel safe in his arms :D

Reason #87:
I love going to sleep in his arms :)

Reason #86:
I love the way he calls me baby/babe :)

Reason #85:
I love how I still get butterflies when he kisses me ♥

Reason #84
How he forgives me over and over when I do something wrong (which won't happen again :D I plan on being the perfect little girl from now on)

Reason #83:
I love how he's so protective of me ♥

Reason #82:
I love how we plan our future together ♥

Reason #81:
Everytime he looks at me, my heart skips a beat ♥

Reason #80:
How he isn't afraid to speak his mind around me ♥

Reason #79:
He's so affectionate ;3

Reason #78:
He always makes me feel like a princess :D

Reason #77:
He never lies to me ♥

Reason #76:
He tells other guys to leave his girlfriend alone ♥
(That means the world to me :D)

Reason #75:
He's always so polite :D

Reason #74:
He loves me for who I am :D

Reason #73:
He's NOT like all the other guys ♥

Reason #72:
He talks me out of doing stupid stuff (and keeps me from getting into fights ^_^')

Reason #71:
He's always been there for me when I need him ♥

Reason #70:
My heart skips a beat when he texts me :D

Reason #69:
He's an angel in disguise :D (How else can I put it ? He's perfect in every sense of the word :)

Reason #68:
He makes me feel like I'm perfect :D

Reason #67:
He doesn't just want me for sex :)

Reason #66:
He makes me smile :)

Reason #65:
He's the only guy I want ♥

Reason #64:
He's protective of me but not possessive ♥

Reason #63:
He would never hit me or hurt me ♥

Reason #62:
He treats me exactly how I want to be treated by a man :)

Reason #61:
He makes me smile even when I want to cry

Reason #60:
He completes my heart ♥

Reason #59:
There's a hole in my heart with his name on it when we're apart .

Reason #58:
He's a one of a kind guy :)

Reason #57:
He's always a total complete gentleman

Reason #56:
He makes the best teddybear to hug up at night ♥

Reason #55:
His stubbornness amuses me sometimes .

Reason #54:
His gorgeous blue eyes ♥

Reason #53:
Waking up next to him ♥

Reason #52:
He's relaxing to be around :3

Reason #51:
He's a loyal friend ♥

Reason #50:
He's adorable when he's sleepy

Reason #49:
His mischievous look when he's up to something :)

Reason #48:
When he kisses me, the whole world disappears and everything is perfect ♥

Reason #47:
That he could have any girl in the world but he chose me ♥

Reason #46:
How we miss each other even though we saw each other (insert day here) .

Reason #45:
How relaxing it is when he gives me a massage (please do that more often !)

Reason #44:
His cute face when he's trying to take off my bra ♥ hehe

Reason #43:
How you love me even though you've seen me looking horrible.

Reason #42:
When you hold my hand ♥

Reason #41:
Our good memories♥

Reason #40:
The memory of the "first" time we met and you went skinny dipping with me at TPL :) Still makes me smile when I think about it xD

Reason #39:
Your cheeky smile that makes me melt :)

Reason #38:
How you take up for me even if I was the one that was wrong ♥

Reason #37:
How you were still there for me when I got my tongue pierced even though I didn't want you to see me in pain . ♥

Reason #36:
I love the fact his plans for the future involve me as his wife ♥

Reason #35:
I can trust him

Reason #34:
He knows some of the darkest parts of my past

Reason #33:
He means the world to me and tells me I'm "the one"

Reason #32:
How he never fails to make me feel like the most special girl in the world♥

Reason #31:
His ability to take my breath away with one glance at me .

Reason #30:
How hesitant he was to say 'I Love You' for the first time ♥

Reason #29:
How my heart skips a beat when he tells me he loves me ♥

Reason #28:
How he's my lazy little Tare Panda ♥

Reason #27:
How he's not afraid to argue with me ♥

Reason #26:
Those little things he does to make me happy ♥

Reason #25:
How I get along with and love all of his immediate family ♥

Reason #24:
His habit of throwing his leg over me when we sleep together. ♥

Reason #23:
Waking up to him in the morning and he's still sleeping like a baby ♥

Reason #22:
Our plans for the future together ♥

Reason #21:
Even when I'm grumpy, he still likes me ♥

Reason #20:
He makes me feel like I never felt before... True love is an amazing feeling ♥

Reason #19:
When I'm with him, nothing else seems to matter to me ♥

Reason #18:
I can't live without him in my life

Reason #17:
Every heartbeat belongs to him ♥

Reason #16:
I love his impatientness when it comes to seeing me ♥

Reason #15:
The softness of his voice is like satin on my soul ♥

Reason #14:
He's teaching me the meaning of love

Reason #13:
Just a touch from him and I lose my heart all over again

Reason #12:
I want to stay with him forever♥

Reason #11:
Whenever I need him the most, he's always there with a free hug just waiting for me ♥

Reason #10:
He's wayy too hot to handle ♥

Reason #9:
He's always on my mind, I can't live without him ♥

Reason #8:
He's so cuddle-able :)

Reason #7:
Since the day he came into my life, it's been perfect ♥

Reason #6:
I love his smile so much ♥

Reason #5:
I would do anything for him

Reason #4:
He never fails to amaze me :)

Reason #3:
I love his random hugs, makes me feel even more loved ♥

Reason #2:
Those little moments when we're in my truck and he's singing to whatever song is on and he gives me "the look" that makes me melt

Reason #1:
I love him; and no one can change how I feel about him.
He's gonna be the one I marry someday ♥
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luffemmett Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Adorable, I love my boyfriend for many of the same reasons. You should write a journal to him and include these reasons XD. That would be so sweet.
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